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Psychics possess amazing supernatural abilities

Even though these psychics do not believe in homeopathy, it can entirely heal them because it is a spiritual kind of healing.

An extensive letter about witchcraft, demons, Jinn etc. was published in the preceding article (click here to read part 1). I invited my readers to consider whether this incident actually involves supernatural elements or the actions of jinn and demons. In this regard, I received a number of phone calls, including calls from academics I already know as well as strangers. Nearly all of them agreed that this appears to be the work of jinn, devils, or other demons, etc. They also asserted that they were able to treat it. According to my argument, diagnosis is more important than therapy since, in my opinion, treatment is only possible when the diagnosis is accurate. Since I disagree with their diagnosis, I think they will be unable to treat it.

A misconception

The issue is that the bulk of spiritualists are those who assert that periapts and demonographies may perform any impossible feat. In fact, the study of demonographies and periapts or steles is as vast as an ocean and offers a variety of solutions for every conceivable issue.
These techniques are still being used on patients by our spiritualists. If the method works, great; if not, another approach will be taken. Finally, when all other approaches have failed, these spiritualists would simply state, “Whatever is causing you all this is very powerful and it is not up to me to battle it,” and would refer the patient to another spiritual healer.
As a result, they would advise the patient to seek treatment from another spiritual healer or to go to a shrine and pray. It then becomes customary for the sufferer’s family to take the patient to the shrines and look for help. The patient’s condition eventually begins to deteriorate from this point on. In the preceding letter, the same kind of spiritual healers who were supposed to assist were identified.
I am against visiting shrines with such patients. Because I believe that if this becomes a habit, their mental health will only deteriorate, they will never fully recover, and going to a shrine would only offer them momentary comfort. The underlying illness however continues to persist despite this brief respite, which only lasts a few days or months. This treatment is strikingly similar to allopathic treatment, which, as a final resort, further drowns the patient by employing corticosteroid drugs.

Understanding psychics

Those who have read my parapsychology-related writings will have no trouble understanding the case we have reported. About two or three years ago, I may have written about psychics. In simple language, it will be said that these people are a very good type of medium. They become tuned in a specific way and their sensitivity is further increased by unfavorable circumstances, loss and trauma, or any emotional affair. These people resemble a transistor radio on which a specific station becomes trapped and begins to transmit. It resembles schizophrenia in practically all respects. In schizophrenia, the patient’s personality is fragmented, loses memory of who he/she is, and assumes any form in the subconscious. The patient might transform into a philosopher, a Sufi saint of a shrine, a jinn, etc. His/her words astonish most people, yet psychics are treated differently. The patient is still awake, maintains his identity and is unaware of the impact of his/her evil spiritual forces, though. The patient thinks that someone else is causing his/her problems, that someone has put a spell on him/her, or that some enigmatic force is stalking, but the truth is quite the reverse. It is the patient him/herself who’s thoughts and ideas control everything that occurs.

Case study

The unexpected breaking of the cot in the scenario mentioned above was an example of the power of one of the two sisters’ thoughts, specifically the older sister who was too heavy and had this notion briefly in her or her sister’s mind. One of them might have thought, “The cot might shatter,” or something similar. And the cot actually suffered damage! Now who cares what we just thought has truly happened so instantly… Similarly, the younger sister’s flight into the air before she collided with the ceiling fan was motivated by a notion. All of the events described in the letter above are the result of the two sisters’ own negative thoughts. Brothers getting into accidents, finding stones in the house, having money problems, getting sick, seeing a child in the house, getting pricked by needles, getting electric shocks, getting slapped in the face, feeling like someone is twisting their ears, moving their hands or feet while they are asleep, or making noises with their throat. Water suddenly running out in the house, dishes dropping, people arguing, disbelieving one another, losing their cool, pounding walls, shattering windows, etc. Remember that all of these patterns of heightened sensitivity are considered to be abnormal.

Parapsychology and psychics

Students who study parapsychology frequently have experiences in which they are suddenly lifted into the air, or many feet above the ground, or in which they wish for something and it comes true. Such situations are common among many of my students. In a letter she once sent to me, one of my students described how the pen she was using ran out of ink as she was writing in her room. Because it was late at night and difficult to find a new pen, she thought that her older brother would be in the next room awake at that time. She will be able to finish her project if he would just give me his pen. She had hardly finished thinking that when her brother suddenly entered her room, handed her his pen, and told her to keep it. Similarly, she once wondered, “What if my Hyderabad-based brother visits our house today? I’m cooking his favorite cuisine. He’ll be delighted to eat this food, and, shockingly, he came and said, “I’m sure you’ve made my favorite dish today,” which surprised even me.”
Every so often, I have to deal with hundreds of these situations. In fact, psychics struggle to properly regulate their beautiful natural talent, which is something they should be proud of, but because of their ignorance and lack of comprehension, it starts to be abused. They unknowingly grow hostile toward themselves and others as a result of the difficulties and deprivations of their life and as a result, everything goes wrong for them and others close to them. They never trust the good and believe only in the negative. For instance, psychics never have faith that they will be cured or that their family’ health will improve while undergoing a therapy. Since nothing has ever gone well for them, they firmly believe that nothing will go better in the future either. They do, however, firmly believe in transcendental or spiritual matters, which explains why, after being afflated or drinking afflated water by a Sufi saint, wearing an amulet, going to a shrine, etc., they temporarily feel better and seem to return to normal. However, things start to deteriorate once more when they eventually return to their previous state of mental health. In fact, this cycle is how their entire lives progresses.

Cause and effect of being a psychic

No matter what home or family they are in, these psychics are a problem for the entire family. If they are not comprehended and given special attention, especially if their sufferings and joys are not considered, their psyche begins to deteriorate and may take on any extreme form.
If they are properly trained from the beginning, these extremely gifted people can do amazing things in the world. They move towards their favorite fields and become prominent. Such examples include the great scientist Albert Einstein, famous Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor, Rasputin etc. These people had their early training in the right way and they even surprised the world with a brilliant career but lived their personal life in a very poor and some very ugly way. Einstein’s first wife got fed up and divorced him, and the second suffered a life-long torment.

Astrology can help psychics

Such individuals can initially only be recognized by their horoscope of birth. There won’t be any disruptions in these people’s lives if the horoscope is favorable and has positive effects. On the other hand, if the horoscope has unfavorable effects, it has frequently been seen that the disturbance begins early in life, sometimes even in childhood. The three zodiac signs that are the most sensitive in this regard are Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. These three signs’ influence is unquestionably felt in such circumstances, either positively or negatively. After that, it’s crucial to consider the horoscope’s additional features.
According to my research and personal experience, Guruchandal Yoga is one of the worst Yogas in Hindi Astrology that have extremely bad and terrible effects. A horoscope’s bearer could become the cause of destruction for him/herself and the rest of the family if these two Yogas are found in weak houses of his/her horoscope.

The diagnoses

Long story short, both girls were born psychic. The mother later perished in an accident as well. The father’s financial situation had never been good before and later became even worse! Therefore, there were severe afflictions and even greater hopes for the future. It should be noted that although these people are by nature very envious, jealous, and slaves to their desires, when those desires are not satiated and their feelings are hurt, a spirit of vengeance begins to emerge in them. They exact this vengeance on everyone, including themselves and others. They keep acting in a vengeful manner toward themselves and work to oppress themselves. They completely let negative thoughts rule their hearts and minds. The riotous spectacles start when thought and imagination are at their height. Such people are always given the advice to think positively. Always be optimistic, think positively about others and yourself, and work on finding happiness. When individuals respond, they typically say something along the lines of, “I think positively for everyone and I will surely start to think the same for myself but only when something nice will actually happen to me, but nothing positive ever appears to me.”

Conclusion and remedy

These people are always unaware of the harmful workings of their subconscious. Generally, they appear to be oppressed and innocent, good and pious, hating sins, disliking cruelty and abuse, and often very worshipful and fond of spiritual pursuits and going to shrines. But when you spend some time with them and closely observe their private life, you will find them suffering from contradictions in their words and actions i.e. engaged in worship or spiritual pursuits, attending shrines, and being active in preaching activities. But on the other hand, they will be seen as oblivious to the rights of the people, indifferent to the rights of parents, siblings, wives, and children, and often oppressing them. They impose their opinions and will on their families in a violent manner. They declare everyone to be wrong except themselves and get angry when they hear something against their beliefs and ideas, and sometimes they are even ready for a physical fight or beating. These are the early telltale signs of psychic people.
Dear readers! The case discussed above has been thoroughly explained. This level of specificity was required in part because the majority of the characters associated with witchcraft, evil spirits, demons, Jinns, and other supernatural beings in our society are made up of such psychic individuals. Naturally, you can easily find such people if you take a close look in your immediate area. Such people cannot be treated by any form of “Wazeefa” or “Taweez,” but since homeopathy is a spiritual form of healing, it can completely heal these psychics, even though they do not believe in it. They would also want a treatment of their choice if they ever decide to seek a cure. Sadly, this is the reason why they never recover!

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