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Enchantment or Magic or Demon or Jinn Possession (Parapsychology – Part 1)

In Pakistan, the plague of witches and demons is all too frequent. We panic and assume that something supernatural must be at play and that someone has been charmed as soon as minor incidents, illnesses, and difficulties begin to worsen. When a patient’s condition worsens or exhibits abnormal behaviors, the idea of demons or other malevolent spirits immediately enters the patient’s mind. Even the well-educated, typically devout individuals who observe fasting and prayer, in addition to the less educated individuals, start to think that something is truly obscure.

This world has both spiritual, or hidden realities, and material realities, as I have previously stated numerous times. It’s not entirely improbable that someone is affected by a demon, enchantment, or other magical force. However, such a situation is extremely rare. At the very least, this is what I have observed and experienced in my forty or more years of practice. Ninety percent of the other cases have numerous additional causes or contributing factors. Witchcraft, as I have previously stated, is a very coarse thread that resembles a spider’s web. The quicker it acts, the quicker it wears off. Its impact is frequently ruined by a small tip. We didn’t instantly believe it when a close late friend of mine told us this many years ago, but when it was put to the test of experience, the best outcomes were seen. We are making the tip public for everyone’s advantage.

A simple tip

Bring a bottle of leather water from the cobbler, or take the water from the box where he soaks the leather, when it is thought that there is an influence in the home, business, or any other location where daily activities have ceased. Before the door of the afflicted store or home, sprinkle this water in a semicircle. It’s as simple as that; the obstruction brought on by evil doings will be cleared, and the task that has been put on hold will resume in a few days. If necessary, continue to sprinkle this water for three, five, seven, or nine days. In our experience, this simple tip completely eliminates the “evil” impact.

Kinds of witchcraft

An evil impact is a phrase that is frequently used nowadays. Numerologists, spirituality, and “Ilme Jafar” experts advise all of their clients that they are being enchanted, controlled by a demon, etc. That client is left wondering who enchanted him, when, and why.

Two varieties of witchcraft are particularly prevalent among the many others. The first is when a rival or enemy acts against you or does so with another person’s assistance. This is extremely unusual since, to begin with, who has the free time and money to go on such an adventure? Second, there is no assurance that the action taken will have an impact or not. In general, people believe that simple, everyday issues are the product of “magical effects,” as in the case of a sudden stomachache that appeared one night and turned into a chronic issue as a result of a negligent doctor or one’s own foolishness. Additionally, the patient had that evening a taste of food that originated from someone’s home. For him or her, that will serve as adequate proof of witchcraft in this case.

The second kind of witchcraft is the most harmful and intricate, and it is also very hard to treat. Because, in the words of a poet, “self-inflicted pain has no cure.”

A very common practice

Our religious women enjoy reciting wazifas because they find that they are not happy with the daily required prayers alone. However, they have little knowledge about wazifas and have only heard about them from other individuals who share their beliefs. It is based on fake wazifas that have been printed in magazines and newspapers. They would immediately begin reciting anything if someone instructed them to read it! They begin reciting even the wazifas I publish without completely reading or comprehending them, and what’s remarkable is that they don’t concentrate on the reason I wrote those wazifas. Instead, they are in focus and have their own objectives. Nevertheless, Masha Allah, the readers of our publications have evolved into quite sensible individuals who at the very least contact me before starting anything, but the situation for the majority of Pakistanis is the same as what I have previously mentioned.

A few days ago, a girl contacted and said that a friend had advised her to recite a “Wazifa” for marriage, which she had begun doing about a week earlier. However, it appears that reciting the wazifa had some unexpected effects because she is currently experiencing eye burn. The wazifa was performed by reciting “Surah Shams” for forty days each morning while facing the sun. I am not shocked to learn that she suffered from eye pain, and furthermore, it was ineffective because the narrator undoubtedly was ignorant of Surah Shams’ features and effects. The wazifa of reciting Ayatal Karimah has also become a common practice for problems relating to marriage, work, business, etc. Just because the Ayatal Karimah is a prayer of a Prophet or because of the stage at which the Prophet uttered it, they do not even attempt to study or appreciate its context. Has anyone considered the possible relationship between marriage and unemployment with this prayer? In fact, one should ask for assistance by reciting Ayatal Karimah if they want to be released from a tremendous grief, be released from prison, or are in some other great trouble. Because it is such a complex science, our religious priests frequently aren’t even aware of the proper application of the Qur’anic verse and Asmae Ilahi.

In other words, these efforts frequently have the opposite impact of what is intended and amulets or recitations of this nature can be harmful. It is comparable to a patient who enters a pharmacy where the top medications for a variety of conditions are kept and chooses the medication of his choice based on his own understanding before using it. This patient has no knowledge about the source of his disease. It is impossible to predict the outcomes that will follow.

It is not always simple for people to recognize sorcery or magical influences, which are widely known as bad deeds, because they have another extremely distinct shape that occasionally takes the form of a satanic or supernatural beings. There aren’t many people in Pakistan who can understand such things, at least not from my understanding and observation. I assert that individuals who tout themselves as experts in Jafar, Amalyaat, and popular spirituality also make mistakes in these situations, misdiagnose the patient, and provide the patient the wrong care. We are presenting one such scenario during the current session. I will be quite pleased that our nation has not been bereft of academics and intellectuals if any of our informed readers can comprehend and evaluate it, i.e. shed light on the true causes. Let’s investigate this case. The name and address have been concealed.

The letter

“Despite our best efforts, things have been bad for a while; there is a lack of food, and we have to borrow money from others. The entire family is quite concerned. Everyone in the family experiences intense pressure while sleeping, as well as odd sounds—such as the sound of a cat—coming from the mouth and jerks. Beds move, the room and the entire house seem to be spinning, everyone’s hands and feet feel warm, we sleep a lot and want to stay asleep, and occasionally needles prickle, someone slaps us in the face while we’re sleeping, it feels like someone has twisted our ears, and our hands and feet move on their own while we’re asleep. Our house constantly smells like decaying flesh, and even though the tank was full at night, sometimes when we woke up in the morning the water was completely gone from the faucets. Sometimes stones used to enter our home, dishes would get dirty and make a loud noise when they fell, but when we went to investigate, and they would be stored back. We frequently lose things, and occasionally we lose money as well. We love eating meat, and no matter how hard we try to make it straight, we always want meat in our food. Anything new you purchase at home gets damaged. The two sisters used to constantly move back and forth; later, they started moving left and right, and now they sit and circle around. Their bodies begin to hurt if you try to restrain them.”

“The entire family used to pray frequently, but we are unsure of what has occurred now. Everyone has ceased to pray. They begin laughing out loud the moment they even attempt to pray. Praying doesn’t feel nice. In our home, children are taught the Quran. The younger sister was unable to pass the exam because she got headaches, had blackness in front of her eyes, or was unable to read every time she picked up the book. My brother’s health deteriorates if he has contact with a Sufi saint. When he had to go see a Sufi, he suffered a stomach ache that lasted for a week and didn’t go away despite medication. However, when he decided not to go see the sage, the pain went away on its own.”

“We got in touch with an elderly woman who is rumored to be possessed by a jinn, and she claimed that our house has been bewitched for ten to twelve years by residents of the neighborhood, and amulets are being crafted to harm us. She said that two lads had gone to the cemetery to bury some dead people who had been cursed by a sorcerer. Then, in an attempt to protect ourselves, we borrowed amulets from her. When we questioned the woman why this was happening to us, she responded that we should get someone else to take care of us since what is inside of us is stronger than she is.”

(These elderly women, who are either frauds or patients themselves, misinform and misguide the female members of our society.)

“The younger brother spoke with another Sufi saint and claimed that we have been possessed for approximately thirteen years. He requested to perform the wazifa of Surah Yasan, which was due in 21 days. It started itching while we recited the Wazifa, and it automatically healed after we stopped. In addition to this, we obtained amulets and other items from another five or six Sufi sages; occasionally, there was a brief reprieve until the same problems reappeared.”

“Fights frequently break out in our home, lack of consideration or respect for age, whether young or elderly. When we quarrel at home, we break things. All of our home’s windows and doors have been shattered. We shout at each other, hit the walls with our fists in rage.”

“The younger sister’s health is worse; she constantly experiences head and body discomfort and was the first to experience ill health. The pressure began to increase on her about five years ago. Day or night, whenever she slept, she would experience two voices arguing inside of her, she felt wind gusts around her, a tightening sensation throughout her body, and the inability to even speak to call someone. When released from this pressure, she felt as like she had been severely beaten, extremely exhausted as if she had raced away from somewhere, and her body always remained heated like she had a fever. It was even impossible for her to recite any Quranic verse, etc. She once observed a kid entering the room three or four times. One day at lunchtime, our grandmother observed what appeared to be a goat entering the same room. Water was thrown in front of our house’s main door at dusk for four or five days (this letter was likely also written by the younger sister), after which our father had a stroke. Then, whilst the injured brother was receiving medical attention, the other brother also suffered an injury. Similar to that, numerous incidents and issues still exist.

“We sisters feel like someone is lying down with us when we’re trying to sleep. When we were raising our bed covers to go to sleep five or six years ago, something whirling quickly attacked our feet and struck us like lightning. Something crosses the feet and spreads throughout the entire body. Sleep would leave, there would be intense terror, and suddenly the sound of light crackers would emanate from every body joint. When I would grip my sister’s or my own arm or shoulder, they would be squirming like a live fish in their hands and trying to escape as anxiety crept throughout the body and heartbeat. Someone from within tries to forcefully break free of my grip, and if we resist, our bodies begin to hurt. When we heard knocking coming from the body, we went to get some Dum Durood and other items recommended by a sufi saint, placed amulets on the neck, and sprinkled water with amulets throughout the home, but nothing seemed to have changed. Currently, the skin feels as though lengthy worms are crawling inside of it, and the hands occasionally tingle. I once took up some green chilies in my hand and promptly put them down after receiving a powerful electric shock. My older sister also occasionally receives electric shocks from the wall and occasionally from the bathroom door. When the cot shattered in five pieces one day as my older sister was going to sit down on it, she fell within. We were all taken aback. One day, while I slept in the room by myself, I closed my eyes and experienced a powerful jolt. I closed my eyes because I had heard that when we are scared, they scare us more. Despite experiencing three or four shocks of this nature, I did not open my eyes, and I was left wondering whether the ceiling fan had fallen and struck me or whether I had risen to such a height that I had struck it. I was about a foot high when I fell into the cot since I was resting just beneath the fan, and when I stood up, my arm was in a lot of pain.”

“I have a lot of strain when I am alone myself. All of the family members are in the same predicament as I am, watching with my eyes open but unable to speak or move. Five to six diseases affect every member in our home. We sisters each have a variety of illnesses. We have numerous lines all over our bodies, which initially start on the legs and then extend to the entire body, along with headaches, backaches, heartburn, stomachaches, and leg aches. Additionally, our monthly cycle is quite problematic. These lines resemble bent ropes in the body. The older sister also has poor teeth, bad hair, and scars on her breast and legs that date back roughly nine or ten years.”

“I used to have a very fair complexion, but now my face is covered in pimples, blotches, and freckles. My skin tone is becoming darker. Pain worsens if we take any medication. If my older sister says, “Thank goodness, there is no allergy today.” Then there are allergies throughout the entire body. Allergies manifest as circles. (This is a symptom of a very nasty disease called Syphilis) The older sister is dealing with a lot of inferiority complexes. Since we were young children, our aunt has oppressed us at her home, which is in front of ours. They once visited the market together ten years ago, the aunt told my older sister, “You are very fat; everyone is laughing at you.” My older sister hasn’t visited the market since that day, and she hardly ventures outside of the neighborhood. She doesn’t even approach the visitors who have arrived at the residence, and she doesn’t even visit a doctor for treatment.”

An open invitation

Dear readers! I have made the aforementioned letter public along with the pertinent information in the hopes that some of my readers may be able to accurately evaluate this case or refer it to another scholar for analysis in order to determine the family’s current situation. What are the underlying causes of the condition, as well as the secret origins of the enigmatic events that accompany it?

Looking at all the events and circumstances, it is quite simple to conclude that magic of some type, including black magic, has been used, or that some demons are troubling the entire house. But which of these views—or both—is actually true?

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